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About the Theme Park Alchemists

The Theme Park Alchemists at Halloween Horro Nights 28

Hi there! We're the Theme Park Alchemists!

Nice to meet you! We're four friends who are obsessed with all things theme park related, and wanted to share that passion with other theme park fans!

Jen, Wookie Whisperer

Jen - Wookiee Whisperer

When Jen isn't hugging wookiees, she creating amazing artwork.  She's a lifelong Star Wars fan (ask her about her Jawa costume), and a Jedi with an Apple Pencil. You can find more of her work online at

Instagram: @smellslikecheese

Nicole, @battlecougar

Nicole – Monstorian

Nicole is a full time Monstorian and part time podcaster. When not fully immersed in colossal creatures or carefully crafting killer candles you can hear her euphonious voice on

Instagram: @battlecougar

Ryan Cadaver

Ryan- Grim Grinning Cadaver

Ryan is a musician, horror movie fanatic and Theme Park enthusiast. He spends most of his time creating immersion magic that brings the wonder of a theme park into people’s homes. When he isn’t doing that, he is singing for the horror-rock band The Casket Creatures.

Instagram: @ryancadaver

Sean, Intergalactic Bike Mechanic

Sean - Intergalactic Bike Mechanic

Sean was raised on a steady diet of computers, neon, synth music, and BMX. By day, he's a software developer at Mouse Trap Studios, by night he's an aspiring cartoon villain. His schemes mostly include finding ways to turn his passion for theme parks into a career.

You can hear Sean talk all things Theme Parks as the East Coast Ghost Host of the Theme Park Pulse Podcast.

Instagram: @theradranger