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The origin of Theme Park Alchemy

Ryan Howard company history

Our journey into our lives as candle makers started with The E.T. Adventure in Universal Studios Orlando.

As a kid it was my absolute favorite ride. I loved being immersed in the dark forest queue. The fake pine scent coupled with the theme park water added to the realism of the situation. I remember being a little scared the first time I rode it, but I knew that Steven Spielberg was counting on me to save the Green Planet! I couldn't let him down.

As much as I loved the ride as a kid, I abandoned the E.T. Adventure in my teen years to focus my time on thrill rides and trying to be cool. Honestly, the being cool thing never worked out for me. About a year ago, I went back to Universal Studios Orlando with my girlfriend Nicole and decided to revisit my old friends Steven, E.T., Botanicus and that weird creepy doll face alien. The first thing I noticed right away was the smell of the show building. It was exactly the same. The scent did something to me that I didn't know was possible. It brought me right back to standing in that forest as a child.

I was flooded with memories and that feeling of wonder and awe.

I am sure plenty of people could write off the scent as a stinky old building, but for me it was life changing. It opened my eyes to the power of scents and the importance they bring to experiences in life. 

As I left the park that day, all I could think about was that damn E.T. Adventure. I finally reached out to my podcast partner, and good friend, Sean. I mentioned I really needed an E.T. Adventure inspired candle that I could just light at home. That way, I can remember the joy that ride brings me, even when I am 8 hours away from the park.

Sean loved the idea and pitched me on starting a business that would bring this sort of scent-inspired magic to all Theme Park junkies around the world. After that conversation things started rolling forward and Theme Park Alchemy was born!

Before I knew it, Nicole was mastering the art of crafting candles, Sean was doing his website witchcraft, and Jen was creating some of the most breathtaking artwork I had ever seen.

Everything came together perfectly!

"Welcome Home" candles and wax melts from Theme Park Alchemy

Four friends got together and became Alchemists. To date, we have handcrafted nine original Theme Park inspired scents (with more in the works) and have grown from a silly idea into a legitimate company.

This is our backstory; we were inspired by a wrinkly brown alien from 1982.  Please check out our "Welcome Home" scent to see where it all began.

As always, thank you for supporting Theme Park Alchemy. You are helping us live our dreams, and you're helping the world by letting us conjure memories.


- Ryan Cadaver 


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