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Halloween Horror Nights Took Us to the Upside Down

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What does summer mean to you? Beach parties? Cook outs? Family Vacations?

Well, to us it means, “Oh thank goodness, Halloween Horror Nights is just around the corner!

We have talked at length about how much Halloween Horror Nights means to the Theme Park Alchemy family. Some of our most amazing adventures together have been our annual HHN trips. Last year was, hands down, the best Horror Nights yet.

One of the highlights was the Stranger Things house. We are all HUGE Stranger Things fans and walking through Hawkins last year was a dream come true. It was the hot property of 2018 and had wait times of 90-120 minutes most of the night. But, the house wait was worth it. Universal Studios is not one to skimp on details in any house, but Stranger Things was insanely screen accurate. The sets were spot on and the actors looked eerily like the show actors. Every significant moment from the first season was near perfectly replicated in front of our eyes. Particularly immersive and impressive was our walk through the Upside Down with Hopper and Joyce.

We loved the house so much that we immediately began planning a candle inspired by this fantastic haunt. "Scent of the Upside Down" and "Eau De Demogorgon" were quickly voted down, and work on our recently unveiled Stranger Waffles scent began. It is available now and it is wonderful.

I dare say it's our best scent yet!

In March, Universal Studios officially announced that Stranger Things will be returning to Halloween Horror Nights for the 2019 season. It will be a walk through of seasons 2 and 3, and after binging season 3 we can hardly contain our excitement!

Season 3 was my favorite season yet, and I can’t wait to walk through Starcourt Mall in a few short months! 

Get yourself a Stranger Waffles candle, binge Stranger Things, and start planning that trip to Halloween Horror Nights. We'll see you in the Upside Down!

- Nicole

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