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Embracing the alchemy and serendipity

Sean Reid company history

Each of the Alchemists is a bonafide theme park freak. In many ways, it's one of the strongest ties that bind us together.

Ryan and I became fast friends over our shared love for all things Haunted Mansion.  When Jen and I met she told me about her plans to secretly live in the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom. I was already madly in love with her, but that fact definitely put it over the top.  

I experienced my first haunts with Ryan and Nicole, including my first trip to Halloween Horror Nights.  That trip has now become an annual tradition for all four of us. Fun side note, fear releases the hormone oxytocin, aka "the bonding hormone," so experiencing fear as a group will make you feel closer to the people in the group. Which means, we might have literally scared ourselves into being best friends!!* 

Like most people, theme parks were our escape, places we could go and get away from the "real" world. We could immerse ourselves in the Magic Kingdom, or tinker with the Dark Arts in Knockturn Alley. Once the trips were over, we would return to our regular lives and our "muggle" jobs. 

A few years ago I was lucky enough to work on, an app designed to help find dining reservations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World (Note: That isn't a sponsored link, I legit love the site, and I'm proud of the work I did there. Definitely check it out when planning your next Disney vacation!!) Up until that point, it hadn't occurred to me that I could use my love of theme parks to make a living. It was a groundbreaking moment, and something I've been keeping in the back of my mind since I've left the company. 

One of the benefits of my line of work is the opportunity to be involved in quite a few different companies. I've seen my share of successes and failures. I've also developed plenty of my own ideas, but few, if any, of them have never seen the light of day.  To an extent, ideas are cheap. Actually having an idea that's worth the investment is a totally different story.  

I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, believe that Theme Park Alchemy is that kind of idea. I believe it so much, I had the logo tattooed on my left arm (only my second tattoo!).

Sean's Theme Park Alchemy tattoo

I have absolute, unwavering, unrelenting, faith in the four of us to deliver the best possible products to help people relive their fondest theme park memories! This is the easiest investment I have ever made. 

Theme Park Alchemy is more than a company, it is the result of absolute passion. We wear our love of Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter with pride, and we want to share that with others who feel the same. Above all else, we want Theme Park Alchemy to be a community. We're a ragtag band of misfits, weirdos, freaks, and, FOOLISH MORTALS. For that reason, I'm proud to have this logo adorn my arm, for the rest of my life, and for the whole world to see. 

It's nice to meet you all, I'm Sean, a Theme Park Alchemist. Thank you all for joining us on this journey! Let's go make some magic, shall we??

*For more on the phenomenon of fear and bonding, check out the work done by sociologist Margee Kerr 

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