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Bob Gurr and Banana Breath

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Sunday afternoon I got a text from Kory, of the No Midnight Podcast, it just said "Your gonna love me."

Then he sent these photos:

No Midnight Podcast table at Mouse Con Bob Gurr looking at Banana BreathBob Gurr and Banana Breath at MouseCon!

Through the generosity of the No Midnight Podcast, we were able to present the esteemed BOB GURR, with our Banana Breath candle!! For those that don't know, Bob was engineer who designed the King Kong animatronic for Universal Studios. Without Bob, there would be no "banana breath" effect on the ride, and no Banana Breath candle!!  To say we were honored is an understatement.

Then, to top it off, I got the following email earlier this week:

How cool to be on your site to help hawk your Banana Breath, which actually debuted June 18,1986 the Universal Studios Tour Hollywood, Kongfrontation. The special scent was matched from the original demonstration scent provided by an old sheepskin coat soaked in water for several days - yuck! Universal management was shown the full size animated King Kong head, which contained the soggy sheepskin along with a fan that wafted the King's breath every time he opened his mouth with a scary roar. "That's the King alright...let's do the Banana Breath".

Suffice it to say, I was completely blown away. Not only did we get to present our product to the man who made it possible, but we now know the exact history of the original scent!!!

I honestly can't sing Bob's praises highly enough (note: he insisted I call him Bob)! He was amazingly gracious and had nothing but nice to things to say about our products, even noting that his Tiki room smells more "jungley" after lighting the candle.  

In addition, he provided an endorsement of the product by the original 1/12 scale model of the King Kong Animatronic!!

The original 1/12 scale mold of the King Kong animatronic, and Banana Breath

You can't get much more rad than seeing your product with the scale model of the ride animatronic that inspired it.  

When we started on this journey we always thought it would be cool to get some of our stuff into the hands of the original creators.  It was a dream, something we weren't sure we'd ever be able to do, but we wanted to try.  Now that we've done it, the experience has been beyond our wildest dreams. 

We're not just here to sell candles, we're here to share our passion for these parks, and our respect for the men and women that make them possible.

Thank you No Midnight Podcast crew for helping make this possible, and thank you Bob for continuing to create so many memorable experiences!!


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